Schedule of eCore Classes: Summer Term 2022

Term Dates: May 23 - July 20, 2022

info C - Denotes Closed Class
Last Updated: 06:05am 10/23/2021


Fee Payment Deadlines


The courses listed below are taught completely through eCore. The eCore Introduction Quiz, available at this link is required before registering.

Lowering the cost of course materials for students is a goal at GSW. In the far right column entitled NO/LOW MAT on the schedule below, you will find see the words “No” or “Low” to the side of some courses. “No” indicates there is no cost for required course materials for that course. “Low” indicates the cost of the required course materials is $40 or less. Included in the cost caps are textbooks and other text-based materials, workbooks, lab manuals, online homework platforms, and codes or publisher-provided curricular materials for students. Excluded from the cost caps are equipment (such as art supplies, calculators, or physical lab materials) and fees for test proctoring.

eCore courses require "at least one proctored experience of significance." The purpose of these proctored experiences is to verify that the person receiving credit for a course is the person who is actually taking the course. The cost of proctored experiences, usually one to two proctored examinations per course, are not included in eCore tuition. Students who schedule their proctored experiences at GSW will be charged a fee of $25 per experience. Students who are unable to come to Americus for proctoring may use any approved testing center, but GSW is unable to guarantee what the cost will be at another testing center. For more information on approved testing centers, see the link immediately below labeled eCore Exams and Testing.

STEM Courses: Georgia House Bill 801 became effective for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. Under this legislation, HOPE and Zell Miller scholarship recipients will receive an additional 0.5 quality points for grades of B, C, and D in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) designated college courses. This weight will automatically be added to grades earned in the approved courses at the end of each term and will impact the HOPE/Zell Miller GPA only (not the institutional/overall GPA). The approved STEM Weight Directory can be found by using this link: GA Futures STEM Weighted Course Directory. Current classes that qualify for the 0.5 grade increase are indicated by the term "STEM" on the right side of the class schedule below. Please note that courses taken prior to Fall 2017 will not be given the additional weight. If you have any questions, please contact the GSW Financial Aid Office at

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eCore Part of Term Descriptions:

PTRM (Part of Term)


Definition & Comments


Full Term

Term lasts the duration of the semester.
eCore Introduction Quiz, available at this link is required before registering. These courses are taught completely online through eCore.


In each class offered this semester, it is possible that the instructor will use techniques to identify students who plagiarize. Students may be required to submit written assignments online through a plagiarism-prevention service or to allow the instructor to submit hard copies of their writing to such a service. The written assignments may be retained by the service for the sole purpose of checking for plagiarized content in future student submissions. For more information about the consequences of plagiarism, refer to the GSW Academic Integrity Policy.