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You will need to know your RAIN username and password,
Proceed as follows or click HERE to view the instructions in PDF format:
1. Login to the secured site of RAIN.
2. Click on Personal Information.
3. Click on GSW Connect-ED Emergency Notification System.
4. Insert/update phone numbers. You can add up to five Student Notification numbers and one number for receiving text messages. You must enter at least a Student Notification #1 or choose to opt out.
5. Click Submit.
NOTE: Connect-ED information will need to be verified each term that you are enrolled. If your information has not been verified for a term, each time you log into RAIN, you will be redirected to the GSW Connect-ED page until you have either verified or opted out.


GSW has launched Connect-ED to keep you better informed in the event of severe weather and campus emergencies or closings. This program will allow us to reach you directly by sending a message to phone numbers that you provide. Follow the instructions to add or update your phone numbers as soon as possible so that you can be alerted to any emergency situation that affects our campus. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate.

Students can provide up to five phone numbers and a number to receive a text message. Examples of numbers to include are current phone number, cell number, a work number, or parent's number. We highly recommend that at least one of these numbers include a parent/guardian contact. The text message number must be a cell number. Connect-ED requires that at least one valid phone number (excluding text message number) be provided for the information to be loaded into the system.

For Connect-ED questions, contact Arthur Clark at 229-931-2309 or


  • What is Connect-ED? Connect-ED is an emergency messaging system that can send voice and text messages directly to your phone in the event of severe weather, campus emergency or emergency closing. It will not be used for routine communications. Messages will only be sent to students who are enrolled during the current semester.
  • I already have phone numbers and a cell number in RAIN. Will they be used for the Connect-ED? No, you must enter phone numbers on the Connect-ED page in RAIN to receive notifications. The options available on the Connect-ED page are: Student Notification #1, Student Notification #2, Student Notification #3, Student Notification #4, Student Notification #5, and/or a Text Message number or you may choose to opt out. You must have at least a Student Notification #1 in order to enter a Text Message number.
  • What does it cost? The only cost is the amount your cell phone company may charge you to receive a text message.
  • Who else will have access to my cell phone number? No one. The cell phone number you provide for your text messaging will remain confidential and will not be released to anyone else.
  • What if my phone numbers change? You must update your phone numbers on the Connect-ED page in RAIN or update your phone numbers through Employee Self Service.
  • How will I be alerted if I don't have a cell phone? Messages will be sent to all of the phone numbers you have listed on the Connect-ED page in RAIN or to the phone numbers that you have listed in Employee Self-Service. Answering machines will be able to pick up the alert message. Emergency information will also be placed on the GSW website.
  • What kinds of messages will I get through Connect-ED? At this time GSW will only send a message in the event of a severe weather warning, a campus emergency or an emergency campus closing.
  • Which of the instructions should I use if I am an employee as well as a student?Employees should enter information in both Employee Self Service and RAIN, since messages may be different. (Example: Classes for students may be cancelled; however, employees may still be required to report to work.)
  • How do I opt-in to receive text messages from my school? Students, staff and faculty can opt-in by providing a text-enabled phone number via the Connect-ED page in RAIN or Employee Self Service.
  • How often does GSW update phone numbers with Connect-ED? GSW will upload information into the Connect-ED service daily. It may take up to 24 hours for the update to be made with Connect-ED.
  • How do I opt-out? You may opt-out at any time by texting "STOP GSW" to 23177" or "QUIT GSW" to 23177.
  • What if I opted-out but later decide I would like to opt-in again? You may request to begin receiving text messages by texting "SUBSCRIBE GSW" to 23177. The Connect-ED service will then re-initiate the opt-in process and send you a confirmation request. You must reply by texting "YES GSW" to 23177 or "Y GSW" to complete the opt-in process.